Welcome to Winterim!

OES冬季临时课程在每年春假前的6天内进行, 并反映出OES高中有意留出的时间,用于体验式和沉浸式教育. Our courses explore an array of topics, locations, ideas, and patterns in and around our local Portland area, domestically across the United States, and internationally in varying locations each school year. Our international courses are rooted in building global competence and intercultural learning opportunities, 而多宝体育官网的国内和本地课程鼓励学生培养他们的好奇心,并通过学习多宝体育官网的课程来超越他们所熟悉的东西 inquiry based learning 探索、创造、连接、承诺和反思的循环. We are working towards the integration of the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards into each of our course offerings by 2024.

In action, 这意味着教师和学生合作计划各种各样的体验,为他们提供机会,作为多宝体育官网共享社区的一部分,一起工作和学习.

As a cornerstone of our inquiry-based learning, 每年参加Winterim是所有学生的要求, 同时也留下了一学年最美好的回忆!

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Winterim: March 16-23, 2023

本地及本地课程申请及资助申请截止日期为 Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 5 p.m.


  • Integration of the OES Essential Competencies 
  • Integration of the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards
  • Demonstration of Inquiry Based Learning

NOTE: Courses marked with a 🖐 indicate that the course involves a service component.

2023 Local Courses

2023 Domestic Courses

2023 International Courses